The vision of the Hinds Community College/Vicksburg Campus Career center is to facilitate a safe learning environment to challenge, innovate, and engage the 21st century student by providing state-of-the art technology and training that addresses the future needs of tomorrow's workforce.


        The mission of the Hinds Community College/Vicksburg Campus Career Center is to provide career-technical training that emphasizes active and relevant learning and promotes high-order thinking skills and lifelong learning. The HCC/VCCC will also help students transition from high school to higher education, advanced training, and/or a career.

Purpose and Philosophy of Vicksburg Campus

        The purpose of the Vicksburg Campus is to provide students, parents, community, and industry with quality career and technical learning experiences. By necessity, the programs offered must be flexible and ever changing to meet the needs of the students and industry. The Vicksburg Campus will attempt to provide a broad spectrum at a minimum cost of the students, to the institution and to the State of Mississippi.

        The Vicksburg Campus feels that the backbone of quality programs is the employment of highly skilled and trained instructors who have a deep concern for challenging and motivating students. Programs and services offered are based on the needs of the community and range from secondary career and technical programs to meeting the career and technical expectations of a post-secondary population.

        Effective time utilization is practiced from the concept of teaching students good work habits and from getting maximum productivity within the time allocated. It is our goal to further the concept of team work and problem solving to help the student function effectively in the work force.